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"Dear Ann,
My baby is 3 months old and she is just about the sweetest little baby you have ever seen. When the mail came, I had just nursed her to sleep.  My husband brought the Nursery Rug in and laid it on the floor.  We laid her on it and I swear she never moved an inch.  She's been laying there for 1/2 hour.  It's like she can't tell the difference between the Sheepskin rug and my warmth. You have the lowest price for nursery rugs on the net. (I checked and checked!)  Thank you for such a wonderful item priced so that regular people can afford it."

Catherine, USA


Sheepskin Nursery Rug - price includes airpostSheepskin Rugs for baby.

soft and gentle on the skin. Wonderful natural  comforters


Size 32" X 20"   Free world wide air postage.


Colours: Soft Ivory    or  Warm Honey

70% of New Zealand babies sleep on a natural sheepskin rug.


NEW  Crib Wool Underblanket / Mattress Pad

Especially made for your baby's crib/cot. 
Comes with stretch elastic on 4 corners to hold in place.
Colour: Ivory.
  Wool keeps baby warm in winter and cool in summer.  Natural wool encourages baby to have a restful sleep.
size 52" x 27"

  These rugs are also ideal for yoga 


Sheepskin Rug for baby's stroller    Great gift idea

Stroller Nursery RugsCalms and soothes Soft wool fibres are a delight to touch. Calms and soothes babies. Helps comfort colicky children too.
Perfect all year round Nature's insulation. Wool keeps baby warm and cosy in cold weather. In warm weather, wool absorbs moisture, which is then released into the air ensuring baby stays drier and comfortable at all times.
The go-anywhere bed Young travellers will feel secure in unfamiliar places with their Babycare Lambskin. Use Babycare everywhere, everyday for years.
Sanitized for lasting hygiene Babycare Lambskins are sanitized to ensure protection against bacteria through many machine washes
The Stroller fleece baby lambskin comforter is designed to fit in a baby stroller/push chair or car seat.

Shorn (shortwool) Dimensions: Length: 74cm (29"). Width: 34cm (13")
Pile height: 30mm (1.2") 
Only available in Honey Colour



Facts about Sheep World's natural infant care rugs
Tanned to New Zealand Wool Board specifications, (Category C) for  this product. Skins which fall into Category C embody the following special features:

sheepskin rugs are great for your child's car seatNursery rugs are completely free from vegetable or other foreign material, particularly grass
 Fibre loss must be minimal
 Mean staple length of sheepskin to be between 1" and 3".
 Mean fibre diameter to be no more than 30 microns.
 Must be unbleached or a pastel shade.
 Must be effectively sterilised. In the case of our rugs they are sterilised using the SantiseTM method.
Nursery Rugs can absorb up to 30 percent of its own weight of water vapour and transport this through its structure without feeling cold or clammy. This is how wool creates a natural dry zone around the body.


Lanolin Wool Wash (enhanced with Eucalyptus). A gentle washing agent for woollens, silks, or delicate fabrics requiring a soft wash.  Recommended by leading manufacturers as an excellent sheepskin wash. FREE worldwide airpost  
Lanolin Wool Wash  150ml Bottle   


  Booties to keep baby's feet warm and happy


BABY BOOTIES  Sheepskin innersole, hand crocheted in natural yarn and fluffy sheepskin on the toe.
 Colour: Natural cream with single stripe
  Size: Length
  0-4 mths 4"
  5-9 mths 4.5"
  10-14 mths 5"
  15-18 mths 5.5"



Sheepskin Booties Genuine Sheepskin with adjustable toggle to help these very comfortable booties stay on baby's feet.
  Colour: Natural
Size: Length
0-4 mths 4"
5-9 mths 4.5"
10-14 mths 5"
15-18 mths 5.5"


Lanolin for Baby Sheepy Toys


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